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Adrien Crutch is best described as a woman of power, purpose and praise. For more than twenty years, she served as an inspirational speaker, educator and entrepreneur significantly influencing many in pursuing their dreams and goals. She’s living a purposed life alongside her husband Dr. Kenneth E. Crutch Sr, Pastor and Founder of the dynamic New Praise Christian Life Center Church in New York City. She is a Godly role model to her family and all that know her. Adrien’s gentle spirit and passion for Jesus are an inspiration to those who want to know Him better.


Adrien has a sincere desire to see people succeed. With a keen sensitivity to women, she is known for her calm yet explosive ability to encourage, motivate and inspire all in a relative yet powerful way. Driven by a passion for character building, life coaching and spiritual transformation, Adrien Crutch combines Christian living with the practicality of everyday life. Her candid and enlightening approach engage her audience while provoking them to pursue a lifestyle of integrity, success and happiness. Wherever Adrien goes, she exhorts, encourages and empowers her listeners to reach their full potential in their personal, entrepreneurial and spiritual lives.


She is the C.E.O. and founder of Youth Can Inc., a self-sufficiency resource program, advancing young people in the areas of job employment and character development. As a Platinum Senior Vice President with 5Linx Inc., she travels nationwide training and developing entrepreneurs in the telecommunications industry. As an educator, she founded and established Eagle Nest Nursery School, with two locations in NYC.




Adrien is also the founder and director of SURGE.TV, a program devoted to the education and recreation of middle school students. With humility and generosity of spirit, Adrien captivates the minds and hearts of children and encourages them to lead productive, purposeful lives.


Adrien’s mission is to be a role model to millions displaying excellence in every area of life. She strives to help people identify and pursue with passion and power their God- given purpose. By doing so, she believes we can be most effective in impacting our communities in a positive way. Through prayer, patience and perseverance Adrien is blazing a trail for God’s kingdom and fulfilling her destiny. With the responsibility she actively fills together with her husband, Adrien has graciously quoted, “No other assignment in my life is as precious to me, as the responsibility of being a Godly role model and the honor of being a wife to my husband and a mother to my two sons.


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